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Anonymous asked: I know but I was too shy and thought you guys would of been like who is this random ha ha.

it doesn’t matter haha you should have just introduced yourself. shows are the best place to make friends

discourageme asked: Pretty sure I saw you at Basement on Sunday. I would have said hi, but I didn't think you would recognise who I was haha

oh really?? yeah I was there! ah you should have just said hi haha

Anonymous asked: I saw you at basement with your girlfriend. I was going to say hello but thought it might be weird. I follow both of you.

should have just said hi!

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New sheet done @shanghaicharlies for appointments contact williampeterbrown@gmail.com or 9211 0066 - Thanks ✌

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Title: Flower Girl Artist: Pity Sex 2,136 plays


I’m lost I’m lost I’m lost. I’m a loser without cause. And you’re missing me. 

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