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Title: It's Over Artist: Seahaven 51,689 plays


Seahaven - It’s Over 

Don’t tell me, don’t tell me this is for good
and the leaves will never change
I’m waiting, still waiting for your face
to exceed a picture frame
It’s four years and a work week to regret
and blame you all over again
The rest of my life is sleep, to dream of what it could have been

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Richhadleytattoo@gmail.com by richhadley http://ift.tt/1ytLD9P

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Title: God King Artist: Disgrace 1,981 plays


Disgrace-God King

"I am your king, fear me."

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finalfrontier.bandcamp.com. Spin kick your family


I will be back at @highseastattooparlor tattooing on Wednesday. Email shonlindauer@gmail.com for an appointment.

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These two still need a home. For tattooing email mandatoryrain@hotmail.co.uk

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Morten Transeth